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Hi Kelly, I wanted to wait to comment until I read all 8 parts of your manifesto ;-). It's been my experience in trying to help navigate my son through 15 years of one drug treatment to the next, all of which have failed, that every single thing you've so eloquently expressed is true. Every patient who suffers with the diseases that bioelectric medicine was created to help know full well how very little advise or direction was given away from biologics--not even the suggestion to stop eating sugar or abstain from alcohol ( both inflammatory). It continually baffled me, but I suspected it was "Big Pharma" who had its foot on the neck of innovators like Dr Tracey by creating a narrative that would shut out anything new and uphold the pervasive view by many physicians of, "what ain't broke..." When I read the actual stats in your article stating the amount of money that these companies gain off the backs of VERY sick individuals all I could think was that they have to be sociopaths! I'm livid but motivated and am so incredibly grateful for you and those with whom you work for taking up the fight for those whose voice has weakened due to illness. The rest of us need to stand up and be their voice as well-put me in coach!

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