Mar 27 • 36M

Episode One: The Many Roads We Wander

A philosophy of living, the role of disease and healing in the evolution of identity, and an examination of the impact our culture has on scientific progress.

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Kelly Owens
Each episode of 'The Wandering Nerve' will aim to serve as a reminder that humanity is only limited by the acceptance of the notion that we have limitations. After all, imagine where we would be in the world today if everyone in history allowed The Peanut Gallery to dictate humanity’s progress.
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To get where we’re going, we’ve got to know where we’ve been.

In this first episode, I discuss my philosophy of living through the lens of predetermination and free will, and then I wander down Memory Lane to discuss the impact that both disease and healing have had on my sense of identity — and how that has evolved, and why — and then examine how culture has turned identity into a collective experience to subscribe to rather than an individualized awareness that is ever-evolving.

After setting the groundwork, the episode concludes with a rundown of where you can expect future episodes to go from here.

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